New releases from Kingsford Miniatures

Sohei ArcherKingsford Miniatures have added several new 28mm Japanese Samurai era figures to their online store.

From their announcement:
The time is now. Kingsford Miniatures is pleased to present its latest 28mm releases. First up, 4 new Sohei Archers (SA-038) to complement the Sohei with naginata (SA-035) set. What’s special in addition to their prayer beads, head cowls, laced armour and kote is that they’re one piece casts. That’s right, bow, quiver, scabbard all there. Just stick them to your favourite bases and get painting. This pack will ship 6 figures, minimizing duplicates for just $18.00CAD. Up next are two new Ashigaru Archers.

These figures are representative of what could be found on the Sengoku era battlefield. One is wearing a haramaki while the second sports an okegawa-do. These two 28mm pieces will be sold in a pack of four temporarily for $12.00CAD. Once the pack has been out for awhile it will be merged into the existing archer pack. Lastly, three new Ashigaru at Ease figures holding onto yari. This pack will be sold also on temporary basis as a set of six pieces for $18.00CAD. After a period of time they will be merged into the existing at ease set.

But this isn’t all that’s new with Kingsford Miniatures. We now have an EBay store. We opened this to take advantage of Canada Post’s Flat Rate Shipping to Canada and the USA. This deal ships up to 5Kg of product for Canada Regional Delivery C$8.66, Canada National Delivery C$11.66, and USA Delivery C$18.49.

There’s still more, we have finally changed our shipping charges from our online store to a simple variable amount based on dollar volume with free shipping offered at $245.00CAD. Read our Shipping/FAQ page for details.

So now you have options when ordering.
Play around between the sites to see what shipping options meet your needs and if you have questions please email me.
So are we done yet? No. More artwork has been added to the website and more to come later. You want to know how things looked on the field of battle. Well come and see some of the best researched samurai clan mon available for…free.

Now are we done? Er, no. The resin horo have been successfully cast, I just don’t have them yet. Packaging and price point to be determined.

Now we’re done. Whew…