New releases from Kerr and King

Kerr & King have added several new bases and 15mm terrain pieces to their online store.

Dutch Building with two attic windows

From their website:

We know it’s been awhile but we have remoulded and remasters an absolute shed load of codes over the past few months most notably the entire Lingeveres range (KK-092, KK-093, KK-094,KK-095, KK-096 & KK-097). But we digress we have new releases they were actually on sale last weekend at Britcon and were very well received. Firstly we have a new set of 25mm Sci-fi Bases, KK-261 25mm GW style Deckplate bases which I personally love, I think they are some of the best Sci-fi bases we have made so far. Secondly we have four new buildings in the 15mm WW.II range, KK-263 Brick Dutch Building with hipped roof, KK-264 Brick Dutch Building with pitched roof, KK-265 Stone Dutch Building with one attic window and KK-266 Stone Dutch Building with two attic windows. Sorry there is now City in a Box deal at the present as this range is still in development with another 3 or so buildings in production, more on that as it happens/