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New releases from Ironclad

Ironclad Miniatures have added several new products to their online store. From their website:
First of our new stuff is a shop and a pair of outhouses for the shanty town range. For the VSF range there is Steam14 which can be built in 2 different configurations by adding or leaving of the forward wheel covers and has a choice of 2 guns. We have also added some new figures, ODD06 a pack of 4 civilians and ODD07 4 armed household staff. Also there is the first of the new Selenites.
  • Steam14 - Armoured 3 wheel car
  • ODD06 - 4 Civilans
  • ODD07 – 4 Armed household staff
  • SEL01 – 3 Selenite warriors
  • Shanty05 – Shop
  • Shanty06 – Pair of outhouses
We have finally finished the remastered 15mm dug-in-markers and field positions. The helicopter landing pad for the Vietnam range is done and a new section of Roman road added to the Dark Age range. These will be added to the website next week.