New releases from Infinity

By Polar_Bear
In Infinity
May 29th, 2012

Corvus Belli posted up the latest releases from Infinity over on their website. This is a game I do want to get involved in at some point, I admit.

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  • Nightbee

    Malignos and dozer are pretty awesome.

  • Darkeldar

    “This is a game I do want to get involved in at some point, I admit.”

    If you’re at either Origins or GenCon look me up, as I’ll be demoing Infinity in the Miniatures Hall at Origins (look for the banner) and in the Corvus Belli booth at GenCon.

    • Polar_Bear

      Deal, as long as you come find me doing Wrath of Kings demos in the CMON booth as well, at GenCon (won’t be able to make it to Origins, unfortunately).

  • Kealios

    Still no scenarios for the game? Is every game just a Meet-and-Greet or Team Deathmatch-style game? 🙁

    • Nightbee

      Yeah, I’ve been away from the game for awhile, but I thought their was a campaign book coming out.

      • Grindar

        There is, supposedly. Then again, at one point Angel was supposed to do a painting book. They keep their sculptors and painters busy, that’s for sure.

        • odinsgrandson

          Yeah, Corvus Belli minis are terrific, pretty much across the board.

          Are all of these really new releases, or are some of them re-releases (like the Dark Age line)? I swear I’ve painted that Clockmaker before.

          • Nightbee

            They’re repackaging some models in “support packs.” The clockmaker is indeed an old model.

    • Dude

      Scenario book is due out in a few months. I’m expecting a GenCon debut (or at least pre-release). Just my guess, don’t take that as a promise from CB.

      • Psychotic Storm

        They are hoping been ready for a Gencon, I hope they will be.