New releases from Impact!

Impact! Miniatures have added several new fantasy and fantasy football items to their online store.

Impact! May releases

From their website:

We have a great looking dragon from Bob Olley. We have our Treasure Chests available now which are two part and can have a space large enough to hide gold, bombs (ie traps) inside (or even a football). Need bombs or a football to fit inside the chest … no problem with have a bomb sprue perfectly sized for our treasure chest. In addition we have a package deal to get 6 Treasure Chests for a discount with 2 Bomb Sprues for free. Finally we have our new Chaotic Marauder #3 available now as well, a great looking player ready to take heads instead of names.

And before anyone asks … “dragon?”

I have kids. When my son was 8 he said … “Daddy, your store needs a dragon.”

I nodded politely like Dads do to their sons when they ask for things that are not going to happen and carried on.

What then proceeded to happen was tenancity that only a small child who hasn’t actually been told “No” can exhibit. Every 3 to 4 months, out of the blue would come “Daddy … do you have that dragon yet?”

2 years and a lot of reminders later … I see that Bob Olley is auctioning off a dragon he sculpted. Normally Impact! isn’t going to be able to offer an original work from Bob Olley but for the sake of my son … I put in a bid for the sculpt on behalf of Impact! for a price that I’m sure would have been a small fraction of what Bob would have charged us for the sculpt had we tried to commission him to make it … and we won!

So now Impact! has a really sweet looking dragon … and my now 10 year old is finally happy that I’ve fullfilled his 2 year quest to effect the company’s product lines.