New releases from Immortal

Immortal Miniatures have released several new packs of 28mm metal Ancients figures.

Saka Haumavarga

From their announcement:

Greek and Persian metals
First up, some new metal commanders with swords. These are very well equipped, in highly ornamented armour and extensively dyed clothing and crests. The centre figures crest is quite unusual, but is shown frequently in Greek art. These are the first in a series of new metal command figures.

Second are some much needed Greek slingers. These would be quite numerous in Greek armies, as they were recruited from those too poor to fight as hoplites.

Last for the Greeks are my first metal casualties. These can be added to the ranks of the plastic hoplites to add some variety or just scattered around the battlefield during a game. It can look quite effective to mark where a hoplite phalanx has fought a vicious combat.

Last of all are the cavalry of the Saka Haumavarga. These ride Przewalski’s horse, which look very unusual compared to modern horses. These have existed for tens of thousands of years and were thought extinct until a wild herd were found in the 1960’s.

What’s next?
We have many more metal figures coming out over the next few months, and 3 plastic Greek sets before the end of the year… but you all don’t want to hear about that now.