New releases from GZG

Ground Zero Games have announced several new 15mm figures that will be available at Salute and Triples.

From their website:?

We have a good selection of new releases for the two shows, we are taking good stocks to the shows and then they will all up on the web for mailorder after Salute. I should be able to get pictures up after Triples but before Salute, but to whet your appetites this is quick rundown of what we have out:

15mm infantry and stuff:

  • 2 new packs of UNSC-LIGHT troops – rifles pack B and SAW gunners.
  • 1 new pack of New Israelis, a support weapon pack with 2 x HAMR teams and 2 x GMS teams.
  • A really cute little spider-drone (6 legs, but hey, who’s counting?) with twin autocannon, 3 to a pack for £2.50.
  • A groundmount twin plasma cannon with a New Israeli gunner figure, which will also work well in the back of a flatbed vehicle.

Plus: Four new 15mm vehicles – we reckoned it was time for more Hover stuff, so we have a new Hover APC (the Gauntlet III) in both “battle taxi” and Command post variants, and a new medium hover tank (the Rommel III) in both gun tanks and SLAM carrier versions. In both cases, those of you who know our old 25mm line and our current 6mm range will recognise the vehicle names – as with others of our recent 15mm releases, these are very similar to the older designs of the same names but with certain revisions and improvements (hence the “III” added to the designations). I’m really pleased with the way these have worked out, and I think you’ll like them – pics after the weekend, or come and see them at Sheffield if you can.