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New releases from Gorgon Studios

Gorgon Studios have announced two new 28mm Ancients releases. Etruscan Chariot From their website:
It doesn’t take a prescient servant of Apollo to predict that Gorgon’s new models will be two of their most popular offerings yet. These new figures are now available on the Gorgon website. First is Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi. Sculpted by Steve Saleh, this multi-part model is the first offering in our Mythic range. This 28mm acolyte of Apollo is one of the most characterful figures we’ve had the pleasure to release. Our second new release is the early Etruscan Chariot. Sculpted by Steve Saleh and Dave Taylor, this two-horse light chariot sports an amazing bas-relief and comes with a driver and a 1st Class hoplite. Completing the set are two dynamic horses. Again, we are extremely proud of these two new models and both reflect the continued devotion to quality (and Apollo) that you’ve come to expect from Gorgon.