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New Releases from Forged In Battle

Forged In Battle just released a bunch of new models. Go have yourself a look-see.

From the release:Its another bumper release from Forged in Battle. Enjoy. For more info check out our Facebook page ,

P-55 Jagd Panther Jagd Panther x3 £17.25
P-58 E-50 standard panzer E-50 x3 £19.50
G-32 7.5cm Pak40 auf RSO 7.5cm Pak40 auf RSO x4 £19.50
B-12 Light mkVIb+VIc Light mkVIb x4, with mkVIc option x2 £19.50
B-17 Universal Carrier Universal Carrier x4 £9.75
B-19 Lloyd Carrier Lloyd Carrier x4 £9.75
B-37 Churchill mkIII, IV+V Churchill mkIII x1, IV x2, with mkV option £17.25
B-38 Churchill mkIV NA75 Churchill mkIV NA75 x3 £17.25
B-PARA-4 British Paratrooper 6pdr 2 guns + random mix of 8 crew £9.75
B-PARA-5 British Paratrooper 75mm Pack 2 guns + random mix of 8 crew £9.75
B-71 25pdr field gun, limber, late war crew 2 guns, 2 limbers + random mix of 10 crew £13.00
B-76 5.5" Guns + late war crew 2 guns + random mix of 12 crew £13.00
B-77 40mm Bofors AA + early war crew 2 guns + random mix of 8 crew £9.75