New releases from ESLO Terrain

ESLO Terrain have several new “ready to play” terrain releases this month.

ESLO May releases

From their announcement:

Hello to all tabletop wargamers and modeling fans. Here are our latest releases:

25 – 30 mm

  • 0236 bushes-stone set (4 pcs) €12,95

15 mm

  • 015055 stone hut €12,95
  • 015056 MG Bunker €11,95
  • Desert Camp Base (120 x 80mm) €3,95

All our new releases are in our online store.

All of our scenery is handmade, hand-painted, ready- to- play and mostly packed in a box. You can receive further information on our web page: or

If you have questions, contact us or our distributors, please.