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New releases from Elhiem Figures

Elhiem Figures have posted details on their latest 20mm historical miniature releases. Al Q Shadow Army From their website:
Lamercraft sets 21 on have been discontinued and may soon have a new home. Lamercraft sets 1 to 20 will remain part of the Elhiem Ranges for the moment. We are now selling the new Ambush Alley/Osprey Force on Force rules and still have old add on stock for the original AA games. Many of you will already know about the new releases, for those who don't: The website builder crashed before I could update the news and front page and my camera battery died so no photos until I get that sorted this is the only official release I am doing at the moment
French Paras:
  • Fp04 LMGs walking
  • FP05 AATM52 LMG prone
  • FP06 Mortar crew
  • FP07 Medics and wounded
  • FP08 Pilots
Iraq and Afghan:
  • TAL06 Al Q Shadow Army
  • SF07 Private Contractors
Cold War:
  • CWR01 Russian Infantry
  • CWR02 Infantry with body Armour
  • CWR03 Infantry in camo suits
  • CWR04 DHSK + 2 crew
  • CWR05 AT4 Faggot + 2 Crew