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New releases from Elhiem

Elhiem Figures have released four new packs of 1:72nd figures. From their announcement:
4 new sets released today:
  • TAL05 £3.45 Taliban Command and sentry's (in Iraq and Afghan section)
  • IRI01 £2.76 Iranian Commandos (in Middle East section)
  • ART01 £2.76 Arctic US figures in Cold War section
  • PAK06 £1.38 MG42 and FAL
It was good to see a lot of you guys at the WMMS show, got quite a few suggested ideas, one or two are currently on the work bench. I intend o get quite a few figures ready for the next releases so things will most likely be quiet here for a few weeks ;) As always, if you have any ideas, join the Elhiem Forum and post them in the Wish List section. Lots of photos also uploaded tot he MEG sets and French Paratroopers. Still more to sort out, seems I always miss a few.