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New releases from Dark Sword Miniatures

Dark Sword Miniatures have added ten new figures to their online store. From their announcement:
A large Dark Sword site update just happened with 10 brand new sneak peek sculpts posted up for your viewing pleasure. We have five new GRRM Masterworks sculpts posted up from Mr. Tom Meier (many more in progress as well). We also have five new Critter sculpts posted up from Dave Summers and Jason Wiebe. Three of these new critters are from original Critter artwork by Mr. Des Hanley. Des is busy on a bunch more critter concepts as we speak. We are only 3 weeks out from the new Game of Thrones HBO series making its debut. This will be very exciting indeed. We have lots more new GRRM Masterworks sculpts in progress from both Tom Meier and Jeff Grace. Varys, Petyr, Fat King Robert and his brothers, another Lannister Lady in Waiting, etc....So this will be a big year for the GRRM Masterworks line indeed. Jeff is also going to get back to work on some cool new Visions in Fantasy sculpts.