New releases from Dark Sword Miniatures

Dark Sword Miniatures have released several new fantasy miniatures.

From their announcement:

We have another great update for you this week with another 6 blister packs added to our New Releases in our Online Store. This brings it to 12 new releases in these past couple weeks and 29 new releases in the last 3 months which is pretty big for a small company like Dark Sword. We are still working through a large pipeline of miniatures from Tom Meier, Jeff Grace, Dave Summers and Jason Wiebe. So about another 15 miniatures to go here this spring…

This week we have the following new releases:

1. Guinea Pig Samurai (if you dig our Frogs you will love this piece)
2. Frog Wizard
3. Frog Master of the Hunt
4. Frog Dragon Slayer
5. Frog Master of the Shrews with 2 Combat Shrews
6. Combat Shrews x 2 (if you want more Shrews or want them on their own)

So check out the site and read up on the Guinea Pig Samurai so you can see a fun new direction we are taking with our critters line as we expand out past the Frogs. Plus the Marike paintjob on him is just amazing. Her freehand work on him is something to behold.