New releases from Dark Sword Miniatures

Dark Sword Miniatures have added six new packs of 28mm fantasy figures to their website.

From their announcement:

This is a big week in the Dark Sword Camp as we have 6 new releases now posted in our Online Store. They are all here and ready for shipping out to add to your collection.

The 6 New Releases are:

1. Strict Limited Edition Female Barbarian by Jeff Grace
2. Thief of Hearts # 2 by Jeff Grace
3. Evil Thief of Hearts by Jeff Grace
4. Easley Masterworks Male Mage by Jeff Grace
5. Easley Masterworks Female Mage by Jeff Grace
6. Epic Honey Badgers x 2 by Jason Wiebe

Dark Sword once again partnered up with the cool cats at CMON to do another Strict Limited Edition Miniature. We went with a classic female barbarian that looks like she could have walked right out of a Frank Frazetta painting. Marike Reimer painted up the studio copy with a custom base and source lighting from a Dark Sword stuck in the ground of the custom base. This is limited to 399 copies available for sale and will not be available in general distribution. After sending CMON their 198 copies and carving some out for Miniaturenland in Germany and The Source here in MN, Dark Sword only has less than 120 copies for sale on our site.

Please note, some of the new releases will have the painted studio pics coming in here in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned…

We have lots of great sculpts to show you in the weeks ahead. Some new GRRM Masterworks goodness is right around the corner with Eddard, Samwell, Shae (with just a bedsheet and a necklace for clothing) and Euron Greyjoy with the massive HellHorn (no he is not blowing it). There are also new Frogs and other assorted goodies I will be posting up in good time.