New releases from Dark Sword

Dark Sword Miniatures have added several new 28mm fantasy figures to their online store.

From their announcement:

Wow, this is a big week at Dark Sword as we have 13 brand new releases (5 of them being never before seen critter sculpts for our new critter line) in stock and ready for shipping out.

The new releases are:
1. Elmore Masterworks – Elmore Spectre – Sculpted by Jeff Grace
2. Elmore Masterworks – Female Elven Princess – Sculpted by Jeff Grace
3. GRRM Masterworks – Eddard Stark – Sculpted by Tom Meier
4. GRRM Masterworks – Samwell Tarly – Sculpted by Tom Meier
5. GRRM Masterworks – Euron Greyjoy – Sculpted by Jeff Grace
6. Easley Masterworks – Female Cleric – Sculpted by Jeff Grace
7. Easley Masterworks – Female Assassin – Sculpted by Jeff Grace
8. VIF – Male Blind Warrior – Sculpted by Jeff Grace
9. VIF – Raccoon Thief – Sculpted by Dave Summers
10. VIF – Abigayle – Schnauzer Ranger – Sculpted by Dave Summers
11. VIF – Savannah – Schnauzer Paladin – Sculpted by Dave Summers
12. VIF – Westie Highlanader – Sculpted by Dave Summers
13. VIF – Cheesecake Pug Princess in Chainmail Bikini (yes, so wrong..but so fun!) – Sculpted by Jason Wiebe

Plus do not forget about the amazing DragonBlood pieces Dark Sword now owns:

1. The Hunter (such an amazing mini) – Sculpted by Jeff Grace
2. Draconid (Dragonman) Warrior – Sculpted by Jeff Grace

All miniatures above also have pictures posted of the painted studio models so you can enjoy those as well.

So check out the site and enjoy all the new goodies! The new Critters are sure to make people laugh as they are just so much fun. My two Miniature Schnauzers have now been immortalized along with Jeff Easley’s Pug and Dave Summers Westie.

Remember that our Online Store has been revamped and is now much cleaner and easier to navigate.

And a special limited time bonus – Any orders over $75 (includes shipping) will receive a free random single mini plus a copy of the Lillian Angel mini that Kev White sculpted for Dark Sword.