New releases from Dark Sword

Dark Sword Miniatures have added several new 28mm fantasy figures to their online store. From their announcement:
The past couple weeks have been full of updates. We have the following new sculpts posted up: 1. GRRM Masterworks - Eddard Stark - Tom Meier 2. GRRM Masterworks - Shae - Tom Meier 3. GRRM Masterworks - Samwell Tarly - Tom Meier 4. GRRM Masterworks - Euron Greyjoy - Jeff Grace 5. VIF - Blind Male Warrior - Jeff Grace 6. Easley Masterworks - Female Assassin - Jeff Grace
I also posted up new painted pictures: 1. Thief of Hearts # 2 - Marike Reimer 2. Frog Master of the Hunt - Marike Reimer 3. GRRM Masterworks - Young Hedge Knight - Matt Verzani - Up for Auction on Ebay 4. GRRM Masterworks - Arya Stark - Matt Verzani - Up for Auction on Ebay 5. GRRM Masterworks - Theon Greyjoy - Matt Verzani - Up for Auction on Ebay 6. Theif of Hearts # 1 - Vhaidra on CMON 7. Lillian Grace Ludwig Tributes - Aaron Lovejoy and Ian Pursey And More....Keep sending those pics in folks. We have also posted up 29 new miniature releases in our Online Store in the past 10 weeks. The Online Store is getting a tad bloated so I am really excited about launching our new site in the next couple months.