New releases from Dark Sword

Dark Sword Miniatures have released several new 28mm fantasy miniatures

From their announcement:

We have 9 new miniature releases here and ready for shipping out. All of the new Tom Meier GRRM Masterworks miniatures are here along with other assorted goodies.

  1. GRRM – Brienne of Tarth – Tom Meier
  2. GRRM – Robb Stark – Tom Meier
  3. GRRM – Catelyn Stark – Tom Meier
  4. GRRM – Sansa Stark – Tom Meier
  5. GRRM – Arya Stark – Tom Meier
  6. GRRM – Sansa Stark Building a Snow Castle – Tom Meier
  7. GRRM – Ghost the Dire Wolf – Dave Summers
  8. Frog Minstrel – Dave Summers
  9. Elmore Masterworks – Female Dual Wield Fighter – Jeff Grace

We also still have the very cool and must have Hot Lead DVD Painting Tutorial in Stock. This 3 DVD set with almost 9 hours of painting education is a must have.

The Sad Panda Limited Edition Miniature is doing really well. I need to see how many we have left, but it should be around 60 or so copies until we are all sold out of him.

We will have painted pictures of all the new releases in the weeks ahead. I have four of them painted up (by Marike Reimer)and will get them posted up tomorrow night. I do not like to rush painters or sculptors as the end results suffer. So as Marike finishes the other five, I will share them with you all. So do not be alarmed by the Green Pics in the Online Store – they are indeed all here and ready for shipping out. Everything just clicked together on the production side of the house and these new releases were completed ahead of schedule.

Stay tuned for some really cool new sculpts in the weeks ahead. And some other great news.