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New releases from Dark Sword

Dark Sword Miniatures have added new miniatures and DVDs to their online store. From their announcement:
We released 17 new products at Gen Con Indy including our new Masterworks Miniature Painting with Jen Haley and Anne Foerster 3 DVD set. This new miniature painting DVD set has almost 11 hours of instruction with the Jen and Anne walking you through their painting techniques as they demonstrate on camera. This sold like hotcakes at Gen Con and some folks came by after popping it into their laptops and told me they loved what they saw in terms of having two people actually go back and forth verbally while demonstrating their painting techniques. This DVD set will take you from opening a blister pack and paint/brush selection up into some pretty advanced techniques. Anne and Jen used to teach painting classes together so having them both on camera going back and forth is very engaging and very informative. You will learn so much and really advance your painting skills with this DVD set. All 17 new items are now on the Dark Sword site in our Online Store and are ready for shipping out. We have something for everyone. We have:
  • 6 New GRRM Masterworks - Game of Thrones sculpts be Mr. Tom Meier
  • 6 New Critter Sculpts by Dave Summers and Jason Wiebe
  • 3 New Jeff Grace Sculpts (Thief of Hearts and 2 new VIF pieces)
  • 1 New Massive Red Dragon sculpt by Federico Genovese (and painted by Susan Wachowski for our Studio Model)
  • 1 New Miniature Painting DVD from Jen Haley and Anne Foerster