New releases from Dark Age Games

The Cool Mini or Not online store has new base inserts and miniatures for Dark Age Games. Swampland base From their announcement:
Sometimes, it takes an expert to paint realistic looking water, but we have taken that out of the equation. This set of clear swamp bases are cast in clear green resin. All you need to do is to mask the water part with a liquid mask and then prime and paint the rest of the base as normal, and when you are done, peel off the masked area and you will have clear realistic looking swamp water in no time. Comes in 30mm, 40m and 50mm sizes. Also what everybody's been waiting for, the Outcast Scuts, and last but not least, the tallest, and probably the meanest miniature in the Dark Age universe - The Greater Air Elemental, topping 100mm in height, which is the product of combining the Squalls that were released last month.