New releases from Crusader USA

Crusader USA now have stock of the latest Dark Age Scot figures from Crusader.

From their announcement:

Now available the newest release from Crusader, Dark Age Scots. There are 8 codes in this new release.

  • DSC001 Unarmoured Warriors (8 figs) $16.00
  • DSC002 Skirmishers (8 figs) $16.00
  • DSC003 Armoured Thanes (8 figs) $16.00
  • DSC004 Foot Command (4 figs) $9.00
  • DSC005 Mounted Armoured Thanes (3 mtd. Figs) $16.00
  • DSC006 Mounted Unarmoured Thanes (3 mrd. Figs) $16.00
  • DSC007 Mounted Command (3 mtd. Figs) $16.00
  • DSC008 Scots Chieftain (1 foot and 1 Mtd version $9.00

These are available in the USA and Canada on the and the web sites. As always the Old Glory Army discount applies on the Crusader USA products for our Old Glory Army Members.