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New releases from Copplestone

Copplestone Castings have released several new resin vehicle kits. Medium C Hornet Female Tank From their announcement:
We have just released a few new resin models: WW1 and High Adventure
  • K62 Medium C `Hornet` Female Tank with 5 (!) machine guns
  • K63 Medium C Male Tank - a planned version with a 6-pounder gun
The Medium C was intended to be the battle-winning tank of the great 1919 offensive - thousands were ordered but the end of the war in November 1918 meant that few were actually built. Great what-if or Pulp-adventure vehicles.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Future Wars
  • KKBB501 Mini-Sub - a nice chunky miniature submarine for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or Modern/Near Future gaming. Looks yellow to me.
Speaking of tanks, Richard Kemp who made these models for me has made a fantastic (and big) Victorian Science Fiction submarine for his own company HLBS. There's no picture of the model on his own site yet so I`ve sorted one out: You can only buy it direct from HLBS - we are not selling it. 15MM Fantasy Right now I`m working on a few packs of Northlanders - barbarians with a ancient German/Viking feel. More news soon.