New releases from Chapterhouse Studio

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Aug 8th, 2011
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Chapterhouse Studios have added new bases and accessories to their online store.

28mm rifles

From their announcement:

Chapterhouse Studios has released 5 sets of new 28mm rifles modeled after present day SCARs and Sniper Rifles that are scaled for Imperial Guard models. They have also released their first set of decorative “Lava World” bases

  • 8 Rifle Variety pack – $5.00
  • SCAR Autoguns 6 – $4.00
  • SCAR Lasguns 6 – $4.00
  • SCAR with Grenade Launchers 6 – $4.00
  • Sniper Rifles 6 -$4.00

The 25mm Volcanic bases are 10 for $11.00

  • Dead Kennedy

    Those SCARLas look great! Small and stylish. Sniper rifle is also a great design: not too bulky, very nice.