New releases from Brigade Models

Brigade Models have added two new releases to their online store. From their announcement:
Firstly, new releases - Germy's 6mm Power Armour are now available, in a 24-figure platoon for £2.50. There's also a new fighter type, the YongSheng, for the CDSU fleet in a pack of 12 for £1.50. Secondly, we've become aware of some e-mail issues that have meant that some people are having trouble contacting us. This seems to be a problem with our hosting company who have recently 'upgraded' our e-mail and changed their spam filtering rules - and in doing so seem to be rejecting significant legitimate portions of the internet. We're looking to set up alternative e-mail addresses until the problem is resolved. Finally, as last year we've put up a new page to detail our planned releases for Salute in April this year. The first entry is for the first ships of the Pacific Federation spacefleet.