New releases from Baccus

Baccus have added new 6mm Napoleonic and Ancients figures to their online store as well as posting a preview of some remastered Imperial Romans.

Ancients Italian cavalry

From their website:

I know, I know, it seems AGES since I announced any new releases. Tell you what, let’s put that right. For your delectation this time around, we have the Austrian army of 1866.

As usual with the late 19th century ranges these give great value as they can be used as opposition to both Prussian and Italian opponents and have the added advantage of being dead easy to paint up in the large numbers required.

The next release is more of a testament to customer pester-power than I dare to admit. Making a very belated appearance on the battlefield (no comments from the back row, please!) we have some Garde Grenadiers sporting their natty bearskins.

Moving backwards in time, I am glad to say that we have solved the mould problems that delayed the release of the Ancients Italian cavalry and that these are now available.