New releases from Askari Miniatures

Askari Miniatures have released three new sets of 28mm figures. Adventurous Hunters From their announcement:
The summer is going by quickly and I hope you're having a good time gaming at the cons or somewhere out of the sun. We've been busy at Askari Miniatures, too. I've just finished the production molds for a new line of Hunters, called Askari Adventures. AA-1, Adventurous Hunters, is shown above. From left: Gun Bearer, Hunter firing, Hunter resting rifle over his shoulder, Butterfly Hunter, Gun (and gin) Bearer, and Sir Reginald Harumph, who seems to need both.  They were made especially for Two Hour Wargames' Adventures in Lost Lands and are also good for  Larger Than Life, Pulp Adventures or just about any rugged adventures you can dream up.
More Egyptian Adventures EG-6 Cairo Police Egyptian native police in a variety of poses and dress styles. The pack contains, from left, 1 Police Officer, 2 policemen with rifle, 2 policemen with club, 1 traffic cop with club, and 1 police Sergeant. Inspiration came from a 1950s picture of mounted Cairo policemen as well as the prison guards in the movie The Mummy. The figures could be painted dark blue (under Turkish rule) or khaki; in the movie, the prison guards wear a green jacket and khaki trousers. They are good as generic policemen any where a fez and military uniform are called for. But wait, there's still more. AA-2 (above) is a set of Safari Servants to help shoulder the burden and AA-3, Askaris (below) are there to guard the camp or help flush the game.