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New Releases From Ares Games Available At Spiel Essen

Only only ever really been to a handful of different shows. All of them only in the US as well. I'd love to make it to events like Salute, or Spiel Essen. Both seem like awesome shows, full of some cool, new things. Speaking of Essen and new things. Ares Games will be in attendance and they'll have some games that will be available for the first time at the show. So hopefully you've got your tickets to the show, or know someone that can ninja-shop for you.

Those new releases include Last Friday, their new survival horror game as well as their latest wave of Sails of Glory ships. That's not to say those will be the only things available. The recently-released Behind the Throne will be there. As will Warriors of Middle-Earth, the second expansion for the War of the Ring board game.

Be sure to stop by their booth and try out several of their other recent games like Age of Conan, Odyssey, and Quickpick.