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New releases from Antenociti's Workshop

Antenociti's Workshop have added several new releases to their website today. 15mm concrete barriers
Etched Brass We’ve put the first couple of frets of our own Etched Brass in store for you to take a look at. These are small Frets of 55mm x 55mm with single-sided half-etch brass of leaves such as Ivy, Fern, Ash and Fine Leaves. The half-etching results in the leaves having raised stems for added detail and combined with their scale-accurate size makes these ideal for diorama-style bases, competition figure basing and similar. Both are priced at £1.99p per fret and are available here. We will be expanding our Etched-Brass section considerably over the next year, so look forward to a lot more wargames-dedicated items, for both fantasy, historical and sci-fi gaming.
15mm Westwall Bunker for FOW A new 15mm bunker has been added to the store: WestWall Bunker This bunker was a real WW2 design found on the German “WestWall” – it cleverly combined an anti-tank bunker with an observation spotting post, turning the flanking wall into a hollow that made it usable for artillery spotting. The bunker comes in 3-pieces of pressure-cast resin and can comfortably take a medium sized FOW base in either configuration as shown below. The bunker is priced at £7.99p 15mm concrete barriers for Modern or Sci-Fi We’ve added a pack of 17 concrete road barriers useful for either Modern or Sci-Fi The pack is £4.99p and consists of the following: 8 x resin K-rails (50mm x 8mm x 10mm), 9 x Jersey Barriers (31mm x 8mm x 10mm)