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New releases form Khurasan

Khurasan Miniatures have new 15mm Pre-Samurai figures to their online store.

Later Kofun heavily armoured foot archers

From their website:
Japan was fielding large armies long before there were Samurai, sending them to mainland Asia to intervene in Korea, marching against the Emishi, or engaging in wars at home. By the Kofun Period, and into the Asuka Period, the warriors of Japan were organized around the uji clans, the clan nobles supported by their toneri and yatsuko retainers. The armies relied heavily on foot archery from behind large standing shields, although warriors with long spears were also common. Some of the elite warriors later fought as armoured horse archers, ancestral to the early Samurai cavalry.

These models have the distinctive dress and equipment of this fascinating period. The heavy armour of the better armoured men is particularly solid and handsome in appearance. Note that the shields and pavises are sold separately so that the individual gamer can decide which models are provided with them, based on gaming representation requirements, historical research, or individual preference.