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New Releases For Warmachine and Hordes Available From Privateer Press, Plus New Preview

It's that time again.
Time for some now Warmachine and Hordes releases from Privateer Press. Mostly Hordes stuff this time around, but one of my favorite Cygnaran Warcasters is getting a little buddy to pal around with as well.
What about that preview? Well, it's a biggie.

Starting out with that one Warmachine release, that'd be Ace, a new character Hunter warjack that's imprinted on Caine. Caine (at least, original recipe Caine) tended to come with a "free" hunter for his Warjack Points. I'm guessing that'll now be replaced with Ace tagging along most of the time.

Hordes gets a trio of things. Well... only really two new things. The Skorne have their Praetorian Ferox unit now in one box, as most units are ending up nowadays. After that, Trollbloods are getting the new stuff. There's the recently-previewed Pyg Bushwhacker Mortar team unit add-on. Then there's "the big one" in the form of a new version of Hoarluk Doomshaper. Nowaday's he's going by "Dire Prophet" because he's always been a rather gloomy gus.

These figures are available now at your LGS and in the Privateer online store.


Now... for the preview.
As we know, all the factions are getting new Gargantuans. We've seen the Trollblood one. Now take a look at the Blightbringer, the new Legion Gargantuan.


I wonder what their dentist bills are like.