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New Releases For The Others Available Tomorrow

Friday's almost here. I'm excited, as usual. But it's a bit extra-exciting since some new releases for The Others will be available. New resources for both the F.A.I.T.H. and the Sins players will bring new resources and challenges to your games. Will humanity be saved? Don't be too greedy about getting yours or envious of someone else's purchase.


So, what do we have here? First off, there's the Sons of Ragnarok set. You might not think that a biker gang would be the type to fight against the personification (monsterification?) of the various Deadly Sins, but if the world's destroyed, there'd be no good places to ride or bars to hang out in anymore. This new group will give you a bunch of new heroes to take on the ever-growing menace.
Then there's the Beta Team. Not everyone can be first-string, even when it comes to saving the world. But that's not to say that the heroes inside this set aren't fully capable of succeeding. Each brings their own, unique skills to the table. But where there's new opportunities, there's new obstacles, as the Sins player gets new minions in the form of corrupted Cops and Firemen to add to their arsenal.
Finally, there's the new Corruption Pack, which will give you plastic tentacle tokens to use during your games. Now, you can get a bit more visually into the corruption spreading through your game.

As I mentioned, all of these will be available tomorrow. Don't be a glutton and grab them all for yourself. Leave some for others.