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New Releases For The Hobbit Available To Order From Forge World

Well, it's been almost a week. So, I'm sure all of you are all extremely tired of 40k already and want to play something else... I'm kidding. But if that actually is the case, and you want to play some The Hobbit, well, Forge World has some new figures you can order for the game. They're Gwaihir, the Windlord; and the Troll Brute.

From the website:

Although Gwaihir™ and his Great Eagles care little for the strivings of the earth-bound Men and Dwarves, they often find common cause against evil creature such as Orcs and Wargs. Gwaihir himself is the mightiest and most noble of the Eagles, known as the Windlord, and his power and dominion are incredible.

Tortured and mutilated by Orcs, these Trolls have been specifically bred for war. Many of them have had limbs removed and replaced with crude and merciless weaponry. With every lumbering stride, they crush and mangle those in their path, spiked feet and swinging flails leaving a trail of broken bodies and splattered gore in their wake. A Monster for an Evil army, the Troll Brute is particularly adept at annihilating enemies – the enormous metal flails that have replaced his arms, and the spiked metal balls in place of his feet are certainly up to the task. Lacking armour, clad only in a hastily-arranged loincloth, his skin is marked with the scars of many, many battles; in a particularly grisly detail his eyes have been plucked out and replaced with the chains his rider uses as guidance.