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New Releases for Bolt Action From Warlord Games

It's a bit of a blitzkrieg of new releases for Bolt Action that Warlord Games is putting out today. There's some new Germans, there's some new Americans, and they finish with the Finnish, at least in terms of minis. There's also new painting guides to make sure your figures look accurate and awesome.

Starting out, just as the American forces got troopers dressed in winter gear, the Germans are now getting the same treatment. It gets cold in the middle of Europe during the winter (and let's not talk about what Russian winters are like). Having a coat, hat, gloves, and some insulated boots was a must. Otherwise, your whole army could just freeze into ineffectiveness.

One way to stay warm might be by hitching a lift in an M8/M20 Greyhound Scout Car. No, it's not just a Greyhound bus with a turret on top. That'd be more post-apocalyptic than it would be WWII.

As for the new Finnish Rifle Team, that's more the Continuation War than WWII, but y'know, it all works out in the end.

Finally, Warlord helps you make sure your armies look the best with their pdfs painting guides for the French and Italian forces. What color were the trooper's buttons? How did the cammo patterns look? Did they use grey or green for the hubcaps? You can find out there.

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