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New Releases For Beyond the Gates of Antares From Warlord Games

Warlord Games has a bunch of new releases they've got out now for Beyond the Gates of Antares. Both the Ghar and C3 are lining their sides with some new releases. And they both go form the heavy-hitting to the light and nimble.

The Ghar are getting themselves a new version of their crawler. This one's the Bombardment crawler, sporting a Heavy Disruptor Bomber, which is all-but guaranteed to turn your enemies into smoking rubble. Also on the heavy-hitting side is the Outcast Rebel Repeater squad, with their big repeater gun on its own walking platform. On the other end of the spectrum is the Rebel Flitter Bombs. They're quick and fast, but they sure do deliver a punch when they get to their target. As for C3, they have their own heavy new weapon to play with in the form of their plasma cannon team. On the quick and nimble side of the equation, they have a new Interceptor Command Squad.

Ghar Bombardment Crawler
Ghar Outcast Rebels Quad Mag repeater & Mag Cannon teams plus Flitter Bombs
Concord C3 Support team with plasma cannon
C3 Interceptor Command Squad