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New Releases for Arena Rex available

Red Republic Games has released their first post-Kickstarter campaign minis over in their Arena Rex webshop. You can pick up Sulla, Stheno, or Acerbus now.
I really need to look more into these minis. Their sculpts are pretty awesome.


From the release:

Our Limited Web Store is Open!

We're very pleased to announce the release of our first post-kickstarter minis. Sulla, Stheno, and Acerbus are now available in limited quantities in our newly launched web store. Check them out at

We do not intend to limit production artificially. For now, there are limited selections and inventory available for the following reasons:

- We want to make sure the web store is running smoothly before we open up our full line.
- We want to ship Wave 2 of our Kickstarter orders before offering the Kickstarter miniatures to a wider audience.
- We're excited about the new minis and want to share them despite other delays.

Thanks for your interest in Arena Rex. We'll add the rest of our line to the web store in the months to come. Keep an eye out for completely new minis as well!!!