New releases coming for Rusted Heroes

Fantization will soon be releasing new figures for their Rusted Heroes fantasy skirmish game.

From their website:

We have some new Rusted Heroes miniatures coming out very soon.  The White Knight gives additional defensive and offensive support to the Knights of the Rose.  Just in time for Halloween we have a new beast for the Ancients Varu’Flur aka Werewolf which can be fielded at half the cost if you can make your “Beast within” roll.  Finally the November release gives the Norse Invaders a fantastic supporting character Rhinah of the Wild, female shaman.  She comes supplied with her Totem of the Dead spell effect which shoots these Soul Skulls out to wound near by enemy models.  Thanks and enjoy.

Late October releases

  • RHM1010 – The White Knight – Knights of the Rose – MSRP $9.99
  • RHM5004 – Varu’Flur the Beast Within, Werewolf – The Ancients – MSRP $18.99

November release

  • RHM3006 – Rhinah of the Wild w/ Totem of the Dead, Female Shamen – Norse Invaders (x2 figs) – MSRP $9.99