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New Releases Available To Order From Knight Models

Knight Models has quite a lot going on over in their webshop today. They've got several new releases for both the Batman Miniatures Game as well as the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game. The biggest out of the group, though, is that they're taking orders for the new Flash & Green Arrow book, which comes with a special mini.

If you order the book early, you'll get a Black Flash model to go with it. As for other minis, there's a Flash, Zoom, Green Arrow, Batgirl, Captain Boomerang, Hawkman, and Deadshot. There's special Batman and Joker dice, too. To help you know what's-what on the table, there's also a spray template and vehicle turning templates.

On the Marvel side of the equation there's Groot and the ragin' caijun, Gambit.