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New Releases Available From Privateer Press for Warmachine

Privateer Press has a new selection of releases available. Sorry, Hordes players, nothing specifically for you this time around. This is all Warmachine stuff. Well, that is, except for No Quarter. That one's equal-opportunity for all of Privateer's products.

Starting out, there's the Behemoth that was previewed just the other day. Pretty quick turn-around from preview to release on that one. That's not all that Khador's getting, though. There's a new plastic jack kit. It gives you parts to make a Berserker, Rager, and Mad Dog. Only two are shown above, because the Berserker pic on their website was still the old pewter one. Convergence is getting their new Colossal kit where you can make either the Prime Conflux or the Prime Axiom (Conflux shown above, since it's the new one of the pair). There's also the latest issue of No Quarter available.