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New Releases Available From Privateer Press

Lots of things being released from Privateer Press. There's some new sculpts for some favorite warcasters. There's a new variant sculpt for another warcaster. There's some new solos. And then there's an expansion for The Undercity. Let's take a look at all of those.

So, starting out, the new warcaster sculpts are for Captain Victoria Haley and Kaelyssa. These are replacement sculpts, meaning the old versions aren't available via Privateer anymore. Then there's a variant Kroess. Being a variant, it looks like older versions will still be around to buy as well. Moving on to the solos, there's the Lys Healer for Retribution and the Northkin Shaman for Trollbloods. Rounding things out, there's the Black River Irregulars expansion for The Undercity. You get 4 new heroes with which to take on all the nasty things crawling around in the sewers.

You can pick up all of these now.