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New Releases Available From Knuckleduster Miniatures

The first time I was typing out that headline, I started typing, "Knew." Caught myself just at the last minute.
Anyway, there's some new releases over on the Knuckleduster Miniatures website. They've got new characters, a new six-pack, and even some terrain for your games.

From the release:

Knuckleduster's stampede of new releases continues with six new characters, more terrain, and another six-pack.

This week's releases include a Pinkerton agent who's a bit worse for wear, with his right arm in a sling. Nevertheless, he's full of bluster and standing in the street to take on all comers.

Five new bystanders are in this batch as well; a butcher and a collection of four settlers going about their daily work. Six of the female bystanders have been collected into a "faction" pack called "Frontier Women," very similar to the old OW28 Pioneer Women pack.

Finally, Knuckleduster has released a corral that measures 11x16 inches when laid out in its largest configuration. If you're like me, 11x17 copy paper boxes are a very handy way to store terrain when it's mounted on a base! The corral gate can be built closed, open, or partially open.

The single figure packs are sold for $3.50USD, the faction packs for $18USD, and the corral for $20USD.