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New Releases Available From Knight Models

Knight Models is really good at covering more than just one "version" of a superhero and bringing them to your tabletop in miniature. Their new releases for both the Batman Miniatures Game as well as the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game cover not just the comics where these characters originated, but also current TV incarnations, and recent movie versions.

Starting out in dark Gotham, there's a set of three new figures, and then some accessories, available to order. There's the Flash, based off the TV show of the same name, as well as Reverse Flash (... shouldn't that mean he goes really, really slow... or maybe he goes super-fast, but only backwards). From Arrow, you get Spartan. To add some ambiance to your tabletop, there's also some air ducts. Then, to keep everything straight, they've released some new effects tokens.

Then on the Marvel side of things, there's a new gang in town. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, led by Magneto, makes its way into the game with a starter set. To expand from there, you can get Sabretooth. And if you're worried about the Hulk going crazy and wrecking everything, there's a new Hulkbuster suit you can recruit.