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New releases available from Dark Sword Miniatures

Dark Sword Miniatures is back from GenCon and has a bunch of new releases available over in their webshop.

Dark Sword


From the announcement:

Just got back from Gen Con Indy on Monday and it was one heck of a show once again. It was great seeing the familiar faces from years past come on by to check out the new releases and pick up their favorites. It is also great to see new faces light up when they look at the Dark Sword studio collection for the first time. It is an epic show and a great time to see some of the painters and sculptors I collaborate with. A very busy, but good time indeed.

So with Gen Con comes new releases. 21 of them to be exact. We have new Tom Meier, new Jeff Grace, new Dave Summers and new Jason Wiebe sculpts for you to check out.
There is also a new Special Edition Visions in Fantasy sub-line we are doing of cool tribute sculpts of people Dark Sword admires/collaborates with from the miniatures industry. These are pretty epic as they come from TALIN artwork and are sculpted by Jeff Grace. First up we have Marike, Jessica, Jen and then this dude named Ron who some of you may know. I was going to jokingly call the line GLOP which stands for "Gorgeous Ladies of Painting". It would have a paint brush and a big ol' GLOP of paint running down the logo. But with Ron being thrown into the mix so quickly, that kind of made the fun name a moot point. Ah the best laid plans, once again foiled by Ron...But he had to be in the tribute line as he is such an awesome dude.

So check out all the new eye candy on the Dark Sword site and enjoy the final weeks of summer folks!

Lots more miniature awesomeness to come in the fall / winter months so buckle up.