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New Releases Available From Battlefront

It would seem as though I'm not the only one that's thought the week went by quickly. The folks over at Battlefront apparently feel the same way. They've found themselves at the week and a new set of releases quickly thrust upon us. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you. They include the last of the Armoured Fist releases for Flames of War.

From the announcement:

Hey everyone! The week has certainly flown by and it’s time for the website update.
First up for Flames Of War we have the last of the Armoured Fist Releases. We have the plastic Churchill and Sherman tanks. These are some of the best tanks in Mid War. We also have the Kittyhawk flight to round out the British air support options, giving them a flexible plane that can drop its bombs and strafe infantry with its machine-guns. Last of the releases is the Unit Card pack for helping people who already have their models. To coincide with the plastic British Sherman we’ve also put up an article about how to get the most out of them called British Shermans in the Desert so make sure you check it out if you need some where to start!

For Team Yankee the build up to Free Nations continues with the release coming soon! In preparation the community has been putting up their previews of the Free Nations book and a few of the Nations have already been spoiled. This week it’s the French and Canadians but stay tuned for more as they come up. Check out the Team Yankee page for links and full coverage!

We’ve also had an update on the Battlefront UK Open day. Today we got a few pictures of Alan Graham’s impressive Brown Water board for ‘Nam: The Vietnam Miniatures Wargame. He will be bringing it to the Open Day and a few lucky people will get to play games on it. This will be a great chance to see how the Riverine Forces fair against the Viet Cong. Check them out over of the Flames of War website