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New releases available from Attica Games

Attica Games has 2 more releases available over on their website.

From the announcement:

Attica Games’ second ‘Plastic Population’ release delivers Sparks and Weldy from Professor Polyphemus’ Population Printer.

“Sparks”, the Plastic Population Technician is one of Polyphemus’ sharper tools, but none the less dangerous for it.

“Weldy”, a female PlasPop Technician demonstrates that the Professor is no chauvinist – his casual disregard for his creations’ welfare is without gender distinction!

Or get the Repair Scare - one each of the Male and Female PlasPop Technicians. Handy.

There are also further discounts on exitsing ranges to check out including the Molten Meteor Team Discount….Meteor Meltdown!