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New Releases Available For Zombicide: Black Plague

The Black Plague in the world of Zombicide is a bit different from that of the real world. Here, you had rats and fleas carrying a virulent diseases all across Europe. The Zombicide world is a bit more straight-forward: You just had necromancers spawning zombies all over the place and those zombies, y'know, eating people's faces. Well, there's 4 new releases available so you can expand your Middle Ages zombie-hunting games.

Starting out, there's the NPC Pack. NPC, of course, meaning Notorious Plagued Characters. It's more zombies to add to your hunts. From there, we've got a pair of Special Guest Boxes. There's Edouard Guiton and Naiade. They'll get you some new heroes with which to combat the hordes. Finally, there's extra terrain tiles for when you want to customize some of your own scenarios.

All of these are available now.