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New Releases Available for Test of Honour

Warlord Games is bringing a new faction, as well as some new cavalry options to Test of Honour, their new far-Eastern miniatures skirmish game. The new faction is Ch?bei’s Renegades. They're based on a real figure from Feudal Japan. Ch?bei is seen as a Robin Hood type of character, who would protect the peasants from bandits and wandering samurai who might wish to do them harm. The other new unit is the Daimy?’s Retinue, which gives new options for cavalry in the game. Rounding things off, to help keep everything straight, there's new sets of tokens, as well as some scenery pieces.

From the website:

Hero to the common man, Banzuiin Ch?bei leads a ragtag band of renegades against all those who intimidate and steal from the weak.

Ch?bei’s Renegades are a new faction for Test of Honour, our fast-paced samurai game. Ch?bei is historical character, remembered as a Robin Hood-type figure who protected the oppressed common-folk from the uncaring samurai and other threats.

Ever confident of victory, Daimy? Osugawa charges recklessly into battle, leading his fearsome, masked retinue to spill the blood of his foes.

Osugawa’s mounted retinue brings extra skills to the game via new cards especially for cavalry.

Upgrade your card counters from the main Test Of Honour set with these great new coloured tokens from Sarissa Precision.

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