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New Releases Available For Runewars

Fantasy Flight has a pair of new releases available for Runewars. They're the Carrion Lancers and Rune Golems sets to help you expand out from what you got in the main box. So if you'd like to add a bit more giant worm cavalry or some semi-sentient magic rock monsters, now's your chance.

From the announcement:

The legions of Waiqar the Undying grow with their carrion worms, the larger the forces of undead marching, the more monstrous these vile beasts become. These massive, grotesque creatures swiftly devour everything in their path, expelling a putrid fluid on their prey that melts both armor and flesh before attacking. And they perform this hideous act under the cold direction of the undead’s fiercest warriors, the Carrion Lancers.

Kell inherited the legendary Rune Golems from ages long past to defend the quiet land of Terrinoth. The sleeping behemoths have kept a patient watch over the Realm, awaiting the day when the people would again call for them, and they would rise to their defense once more. Now after centuries of peace, evil stirs in the Ru Darklands. Rumor of deathly hosts emerging from the cold mists to the northwest and grotesque warbands gathering in the unforgiving east lend such reports a dire urgency. The time has come to awaken the mighty golems and stand against the coming storm...

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