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New Releases Available for Hordes and Warmachine from Privateer Press

Did you hear the alarm going off this morning? It was the "New Figures Available" alarm. You mean you don't have a New Figures Available alarm? Well, it's a good thing I'm here, then! Otherwise, you might not know about the latest set of releases from Privateer Press for Warmachine and Hordes.

Starting off, we've got Major Prime Haley. Or should it be "Haleys"? ... "Halies?" Trying to figure that out could cause you to be beside yourself. Apparently, it's causing Haley to be beside herself as well, since her complete control of time has allowed her to bring various versions of herself all to the same place at the same time. Apparently, Doc. Brown was wrong about that being a terrible idea, since Haley gets all sorts of power from it.

Up next is another of the All-in-One army boxes that Privateer Press has been putting out. This time it's for the Convergence of Cyriss. This 35 point army contains:

• Warcaster Father Lucant
• Inverter Heavy Vector
• Diffuser Light Vector
• Galvanizer Light Vector
• Eradicators Unit (5)
• Optifex Directive Unit (3)
• Reductors Unit (10)
• Transverse Enumerator Unit Attachment
• Enigma Foundry Solos (2)
• Accretion Servitor Solos (3)
• Digest-sized WARMACHINE rulebook with complete core rules
• Strategy cards with tactics and tips for your army

If you want a whole force at once, this could be the way to go.

For Hordes, there's some old friends in new forms, or at least, available generally. There's the Extreme Carnivean, the Nephililm Bolt Thrower and Nephilim Soldier. The Bolt Thrower and Soldier kits are converting them over to plastic.

Finally, there's a new issue of No Quarter Magazine available. Issue 61 has a bit of painting, a bit of fluff, a bit of tactics, a bit of cosplay.

All of these are available now.