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New Releases Available for Bolt Action From Warlord Games

Warlord Games is taking Bolt Action on a tropical holiday. Well, I'm sure those that fought didn't think it was a tropical holiday. For those that want to play your games recreating the island-hopping warfare in the Far-Eastern Front, there's a couple new releases available for you. One's a bit of artillery, the other is a famous unit that cross the tallest mountains in the world to get to their target.

For the artillery, it's the USMC 75mm pack howitzer light artillery. This piece was pretty quick to maneuver and get onto the beaches. From there, it could attack reinforced locations from afar.
The squad is Merrill's Marauders, a US-equivalent to the British Chindits. They were heavily trained in marksmanship and told to go harass Japanese forces behind the lines. Himalayas in the way? No problem. Everything they needed was man-portable, but they were there to get the job done. Now they can get that job done on your tabletop as well.

Artillery Source
Merrill's Marauders Source