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New Releases Available For Beyond the Gates of Antares From Warlord Games

We've seen for a bit now that there's some new releases for the Freeborn coming for Beyond the Gates of Antares. They include a new starter army, if you've been wanting to jump into the game. Well, if you'd seen those and thought, "OMG! I need them NOW!" well, good news! The new releases are now available over in the the Warlord Games webshop.

From the releases:

The Freeborn Domari Squad box contains enough multi-part hard plastic components to create 2 Freeborn Domari Squads with each containing:

1 Household leader with choice of mag pistol, plasma pistol, plasma carbine or mag gun.
7 Household troopers with mag guns and optional micro x-launcher.
1 spotter drone.

Totaling at 18 models!

The Solar Skimmer is a reconstructed Concord Transporter Drone designed to carry a human crew and configured for alternative manual operation. In practice it is a drone vehicle with crew override capabilities, designed to act as a mobile vehicle headquarters.

Prince Batu is a young scion of the ruling Tsulmar clan of the Freeborn House Delhren. Having misspent his youth upon the kind of frivolous and indulgent activities felt necessary to a princeling of the blood, the ruler of House Delhren and leader of the Tsulmar clan decided to put the young wastrel to good use.

Freeborn Starter Army contains the following multi-part hard plastic and metal models:

1 Metal Freeborn Command Squad – Freeborn Captain armed with plasma pistol, two bodyguards armed with plasma carbines, and Spotter Drone – (132 points)
2 Plastic 8-man Domari Squads – (254 points)
1 Metal Light Mag Support Team – (44 points)
4 Metal Targeter Probes – (20 points)
Plastic T7 Type Transporter Drone – (164 points)

Domari Squad Source
Solar Command Skimmer Source
Prince Batu Delhren & Commander Baray Tsulmari Source
Freeborn Starter Army Source